"I used to struggle online, but my recent email promotion brought in $1,967 in commissions..."

"Gurus say 'the money is in the list' and many of them use lightbox popups to get more subscribers. This WordPress plugin allows you to do the same, more easily and in just 1 minute - 100% guaranteed..."

(Read on to find out why this WordPress plugin
makes all other "lightbox popups" obsolete)

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Click on the video below to watch it:

1-Minute List Builder Screenshot:

1-Minute List Builder screenshot

Post/page editor widget screenshot:

1-Minute List Builder screenshot 2

(The widget above appears below the text area, every time you go to create or edit a new post or page.
You can specify totally different settings for each post and page.)

I was struggling online until I started building email lists. Here is the "before and after":

When I was still figuring things out online, I wasn't making much income. Actually, scratch that. At the end of each month, I would realize that the cost of creating and promoting websites was bigger than the profit. Add to that all the living expenses (like food and rent), and it's not hard to see why I was getting deeper and deeper in debt.

I knew I had to change something. I started paying closer attention to what the most successful websites were doing. One of the main things I saw was that they were building assets, including email lists.

Once I started building email lists and building relationships with those people, the math was reversed. Every month, I was making more and more profits. The bigger the email list and the deeper the connection you have with people, the better.

A couple of months ago, I promoted a product as an affiliate. I posted the review of the product on my blog, and then I let my customers know. You can see the results of that promotion below:

The stats above include sales for both the single-site and the unlimited version that was sold as an upsell. Total stats for this promotion: 489 clicks, 83 sales, $1,967 in commissions. Not bad for a day's work. That's the power of building an email list, and this WordPress plugin will help you do just that.

Examples of popular and authority websitesthat use lightbox pop-ups to build their email lists:


Feel free to copy and paste the URLs above in your browser, to see the live examples for yourself.

What design converts better online? Ugly or beautiful?
(And why simplicity trumps everything)

Should your websites (or popups) look pretty or ugly?

Aaaah, this is one of the oldest "internet marketing arguments."

Some people say that ugly sites actually convert better, while others swear by beautiful design.

"Ugly" websites don't look too appealing, but they look more "normal" and "human" most of the time.

"Beautiful" websites are very eye-catching, but they often appear "suspiciously polished." They are like someone who has made their teeth so white, they sparkle. They may look nice, but it makes you wonder why they are trying to overcompenstae so much. There has to be a catch somewhere.

So, what design should you use for your websites (or pop-ups)? Forget ugly or beautiful. Instead, go for CLEAN and SIMPLE. People who browse online absolutely LOVE websites that give them exactly what they need in a way they can understand it without any extra "garbage."

Or, as they say, KISS. "Keep it simple, smarty." :-)

7 reasons why 1-Minute List Builder makes all other email list-building, lightbox pop-up WordPress plugins obsolete:

1) Flexible design: Forget those done-to-death templates that limit you and that everyone is sick and tired of. You can design the pop-up in the WYSIWYG editor and make it look the way YOU want. You know what works on your site better than some "designer" who tries to force their idea on you.

2) Simplicity: Forget having to go through 5 different screens and steps (aka: hoops) in order to create your pop-up. The plugin has an intuitive, super-simple, everything-on-one-screen, everything-above-the-fold, my-grandma-can-do it admin panel.

3) Laser-like targeting: Other plugins only allow you to have ONE pop-up on your entire website. With this plugin, you can show a totally different pop-up on each and every page of your WordPress site. For example, if you have a post about dogs and another about cats, you can show a dog pop-up on the first post and a cat pop-up on the second. You can also define different dimensions and delays and show on entrance or exit for each pop-up. There are no limitations!

4) Message rotation: Other plugins allow you to show one message. With this plugin, you can rotate up to 3 messages on each post and page. For example, if you have a 100-page site, you can show up to 300 different pop-ups on it if you are so inclined.

5) Smarter and cleaner code: No other plugin allows you to enter your text, images and opt-in form code in the SAME text area. Why? Because by default, WordPress messes up HTML form code (it tries to "fix it"). We have worked hard to make sure this doesn't happen with this plugin. The result is a super-versatile but also super-easy-to-use plugin.

6) Affordable. Other plugins charge you an arm and a leg to let you use them on "unlimited" sites. With this plugin, even with the basic personal license, you can use it on unlimited sites. The developer's license that allows you to use the plugin with clients or sell sites that have the plugin installed is very affordable as well. That's not because I don't value the time and work it took to have this plugin developed. It's because we all live in hard times, and I want you to be able to get access to this plugin as well.

7) Free lifetime updates. Many plugins stop working after WordPress updates become available. Why? Because they are not compatible with WordPress anymore. We update our plugins as often as needed to make sure they work flawlessly. Also, we continually add new features and improve our plugins. Some of these modifications are pretty costly, too. However, you will never pay for any upgrades. We support our plugins, and we support our customers.

Compatible with ALL Autoresponder services:

What others say about 1-Minute List Builder:

"This is the perfect plugin for list building. Doesn't get much simpler or more effective!"

Its so hard to keep this review short!

This is a simple but effective light box popup. Perfect for a quick notice, collecting optins or even showing a video.

Did you ever write a blog post and remember you had a product or service that would fit that blog post perfectly. Well....this lightbox popup allows you to put a new and different lightbox on each blog post. I just love it!

If you know some html you can really dress up the light box content.

You can show on page load or page exit.

This is the perfect plugin for list building. Doesn't get much simpler or more effective!

I put up a quick lightbox popup at HowToNaturallyLowerCholesterol.com, its the first one I did and I don't think it took 10 minutes to download the plugin, upload the plugin and create the popup.

I will definitely be going back on my sites and start building lists like I should have been..... now it will be so, so, so easy!

Thanks George !!!

Scott Parat

"it dramatically increased my optins."

1-Minute List Builder is a great addition to your WordPress tools. It's easy to use, but has a variety of features that make it truly powerful. You can use text, images, optin forms, and links to any URL. You control the width of the popup and the height is determined by your content. I added it to one of my sites and it dramatically increased my optins.

To your success!

Scott Shannon

"...an excellent popup tool"

This is an excellent popup tool!

Definitely not too complicated to use.

There is a full help system built in, which explains everything clearly.

I love the way that you list each of my post types, allowing me to pick and choose which ones I want the popup to appear on. For example i coiuld excluse the popup from appearing in my testimonial posts.

Also I am delighted that it has a cookie feature included, so I can set it so that returning visitors will not see the popup for another few days.

Brian Daly

"Simply and easily swap out your message so that your visitors are up to date with your latest news or offers"

I love this plugin, it's neat and tidy, easy to install and use, and it doesn't interfere with other pop ups you may already have. It really is just plug n play!

Simply and easily swap out your message so that your visitors are up to date with your latest news or offers. You can add your own image to give your website a more welcoming feel.

Kind regards,

Janet Sawyer

"Excellent tool to add to your arsenal"

This is a pop-up list builder that offers a variety of ways for display and timing.

For instance you can change the color, text, font even html etc. In other words you have complete control over your message. The ability to rotate pop-ups will allow you to test effectiveness of any script.

A feature I really like is the ability to control when and how many times the pop-up is displayed to the visitor. Many more features. This is something I will make a staple in all my sites. Excellent tool to add to your arsenal.


"quick and easy"

Another great plugin from George!

This plugin does exactly what it is suppose to do. It provides a extremely quick and easy way to add and use a non-annoying lightbox popup on a blog. Within seconds you can add text, images, html, set the timer and activate it.

I will definitely use this on my blogs"

Regards and thanks.

Manie Esterhuizen

"the ultimate plugin"

To me, the 1-Minute List Builder is the ultimate plugin.

There are so many features that could be incorporated into the 1-Minute List Builder in addition to building a list. It could be used simply as a banner/popup as well. I like that it can it that videos or photos can be added and further that I can rotate as many as three 'messages'. Sometimes a little diversity can be appealing.

For the moment I am using this plugin as a 'welcome message'. Mildly distracting, but not annoying, I hope. Hmmm...might advertise a sale on it next week.

Another winner for George!

Russ Kampmann

"looks great on any WP site"

This plugin is simple to use, simple to format and looks great on any WP site. I really like how easy it is to upload pictures or images ... (exactly the same way you upload images for any Wordpress page or post).

The best feature for me is the flexibility to schedule or block the popup differently on all your pages and posts. You can also choose how often a visitor sees the popup. Another great plugin George!

Roger Nevard

"everybody needs to get this one"

I have to disclose that George provide a free copy for my evaluation of what I think is definitely one of his best plugins so far (and I have most of them) with a really great combination of features. Most of us have bought popups with various features to try to build our lists, or generate clickthroughs to offers, and have found most of these earlier products limited in some way or other, or lacking a particular little "tweak"that we would really like.

George has left nothing our here! Just look at his demo page and you will see what I mean. All the layout and content options, the timer and the three popup feature, plus activate on exit, what is left to include?

Great job George, everybody needs to get this one!

Keith Thompson
KeithT Internet Marketing
Queensland, Australia

"powerful and yet light-weight list building Wordpress plugin"

Hi George,

Thanks for this new powerful and yet light-weight list building Wordpress plugin!

Not only is it beautiful but also it is fast responding and easy to customize.

As usual, this is just like all the Wordpress plugins under your name - they're all very highly functional and yet sleek enough to be fast acting.

Many thanks again.

Best regards,

John Chen

"The possibilities for using this plugin are endless"

To begin I have been fortunate enough to get to review this plugin for George and here is my opinion of this great plugin.

Another homerun with this great plugin. I really love the fact that you can put a video in the popup and introduce yourself to all that visit your site, making it more personal.

Also using it with my autoresponder giving away a product for there email address to build my list. I am also going to use it for sending people leaving my site to one of my other sites.

The possibilities for using this plugin are endless. Thanks so much for this and all your great plugins, keep them coming George.

Wayne Bolster

"great for a newbie or experienced marketer"

The plugin is easy to upload and configure. No real surprises there really. What was a surprise was the versatility that this plugin has to offer. Almost with me in mind, it has been kept really easy to use with a full on dashboard exactly the same as doing a WordPress post. This allows you to do almost anything with this highly flexible plugin.

At present I am using it as an exit pop up to sort out my bounce rate and give a CPA offer on exit from an Amazon site. I am also using this to list build on another marketing site. It is a bit early for long term results yet, but I feel that this is a great piece of kit to add to anyone's marketing war chest either for a newbie or experienced marketer.

Darryl Smith

"2 extra sales in 30 minutes"

I would personally recommend this to anyone regardless if they are an internet marketer, this plugin is for anyone. There is nothing this cant do, whether you want to create a mail list or just send them to an affiliate offer, or simply just show them a video of a product that your selling on your site, it is for everyone.

This is the first time i have seen an awesome plugin that does everything that anybody needs it to do. I like the fact that you can change the colours of this plugin to suit or blend in with the colours of your blog.

I used it to show a video demonstration of a product i was promoting and because i showed a video of the product and not just a picture i had 2 buyers make a purchase from me that i wouldnt of normally had and all this happened while i was playing around with the plugin after installing it, i had only had it on my site for 30 mins or so now that's the sheer power of this plugin!!!

So yes i do recommend this plugin to anyone.

Yet again!!! George you have totally blown me away with your creativity. You never cease to amaze me with your endless talent, this is why i am a long term subscriber of yours and always will be because you do what many others cant do and that is look after people on your list.

George your the best my friend.

Alan Barrett

Your testimonial will go here :-)

Some more feedback about 1-Minute List Builder:

I DARE any competitor to match my
10-times-your-money-back guarantee:

Download 1-Minute List Builder. Use it on as many of your blogs as you want. If you feel you didn't make back in net profit AT LEAST 10 times the price you paid for the plugin, that you wouldn't have made otherwise, just send me a personal email within 60 days and let me know.

Either you make 10 times your money back or I'll give you every penny back and you get to KEEP 1-Minute List Builder as my way of saying "thanks for giving this an honest try."

Heck, If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it's not one of the best ways to build your email lists and make more money from your sites (or it's just not right for you), let me know as well and you'll get every penny back.

I want you to be a happy customer. Besides, even if you decide that 1-Minute List Builder isn't for you, we can always do business together again in the future.


Start building your profitable email list, in the next 5 minutes:

To get your hands on 1-Minute List Builder, just click the button below.

You will be redirected to the Paypal order form where you can order with your Paypal account (or just a credit card).

After your order comes through, you will be immediately redirected to the download page that has the download link to the plugin.

If you need any help ordering, just contact me and I'll personally get back to you ASAP.

Note: Price goes up with every single sale

Developer's License:
(Use the plugin on client's websites or sell sites that have the plugin installed on them. You can also use it on unlimited domains that you own. Lifetime updates included):

1-Minute List Builder Wordpress Plugin Developer's License

Multi-Site License:
(Use on UNLIMITED domains you own. Lifetime updates included):

1-Minute List Builder Wordpress Plugin

Single-Site License:
(Use on ONE domain you own. Lifetime updates included):

1-Minute List Builder Wordpress Plugin Developer's License

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the 1-Minute List Builder window look like?

Check out the 1-Minute List Builder demo site (new window).

Where will the window appear?

It can appear on your posts, pages and homepage. It can appear a few seconds after a visitor enters your site, or when they try to leave your site.

Will it appear properly in all browsers, screen resolutions and mobile devices?

Absolutely. The plugin has been coded to standards and will appear properly on all main browsers and devices.

Can I use different settings on individual posts or pages?

Absolutely. Just go to edit that post or page, and you will see the 1-Minute List Builder widget below the edit post/page text area. You can customize the settings for that specific post or page.

Will 1-Minute List Builder work with [plugin 123, theme abc, host XYZ]?

It most likely will. If there's an incompatibility, we will either fix it or refund your purchase. Feel free to download the free 1-Minute List Builder demo first and see how it works on your site.

Is there a one-time offer (OTO) after I purchase?

Yes there is. Typically, I'm not a fan of OTOs, but I decided to include one, because I think it will offer you tremendous value.

It's a video I just finished putting together, in which I share with you some of my biggest email marketing secrets. The 1-Minute List Builder plugin will help you build your list, and this video will show you exactly how to profit from the people on your list, by offering them value.

These are the exact same secrets that generated $1,967 in commissions from one single email promotion for me.

The OTO will start at $20 and go up with every single sale. You are covered by my "make 10 times your investment back or pay nothing" guarantee....

Will I get any updates after I purchase?

All customers receive free lifetime upgrades. We continually add new features and improve our plugins. Some of these modifications are pretty costly, too; however, you will never pay for any upgrades. We support our plugins, and we support our customers.

I purchased but can't find my download link for 1-Minute List Builder

Please follow the instructions below:

1) Go to your JVZoo buying history page (login if you are not logged in already)

2) Find the "1-Minute List Builder Wordpress Plugin" and click the green "View Details" button next to it.

3) Scroll down a little and click the green button that says "ACCESS YOUR PURCHASE"

If the above isn't possible, then please open a support ticket and include in it the Paypal email address you used to make your purchase with. We will send you the download details ASAP :-).

What if I purchased the personal license and now I want to have the developer's license?

You can upgrade. Just open a support ticket. Include your initial Paypal purchase receipt as well. I'll get back to you ASAP and tell you how to upgrade :-)

How can I get customer support?

Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with the plugin, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just open a support ticket and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (may be a bit more on the weekends).

Who are you and why should I buy from you?

My name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 9 years. I'm obsessed with taking complex processes and simplifying them as much as possible. For the last 3 years I have been focusing on developing Wordpress plugins.

At this point I feel I have the entire process down and know exactly how to develop a plugin that adds real value, is easy to use and free of bugs. I aim to create happy customers, one at a time - and hope we can have a long-term business relationship together.

To faster profits:

George "the Greek" Katsoudas
Online affiliate marketer and product developer

OTO: $1,967 with 1 email - email marketing video course

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